28 Things...

28 Things to do before I turn 28!
1. Go on a 1 year anniversary trip
2. Blog fairly consistently for one year
3. Sell jewelry at a craft show
4. Move to a better school district
5. Get Lasik Surgery
6. Pay off 50% of debt
7. Run TWO half marathons
8. Get my license to be a personal trainer
9. Sky Dive!
10. Completely organize my house
11. Attend a Beth Moore conference
12. Attend a wine/cooking class
13. Complete a scrapbook of our wedding and honeymoon
14. Open and start contributing to a college savings account for our future children
15. Learn to drive a standard
16. Learn to plan and shop for a months worth of meals
17. Have new couches
18. Do an MS-150
19. Sit down with my Grandpa and talk to him about his life and chronicle it in some way for the whole family
20. Go to wine country
21. Go camping for a week
22. Take a class on my Digital SLR camera
23. Take home improvement classes at Home Depot
24. Get a facial
25. Road Trip with Andrew
26. Talk about, be trying to get or be pregnant
27. Win the lottery :)
28. Have quiet time with God every day by myself and with Andrew


Running in the rain

So, I had a first yesterday evening. I ran in the pouring rain with thunder and lightening. I know, I know... not the smartest, but trust me, it was better than waiting until the rain ended and going out. I definitely would have found some reason NOT to run after that.

It was great!! It actually brought me back to my soccer days. Playing in the rain. It was refreshing and brought back a lot of good memories and helped my 20 minute run FLY by! I actually ran faster, too. I think it was a great workout! I am planning to run again today and then I have my Saturday early morning training session with my personal training.

I actually look forward to running next time it rains. Am I crazy?? :D


Getting back into the groove

Hello all!

I have been slowly getting back into the groove of real exercise! I have been watching what I am putting into my mouth and making sure I keep moving all day. Burn those calories!! :)

I am still doing the whole run/walking thing. The other day I ran 2, walked one, ran 2, walked one, ran 4, walked one and then ran 4.5, walked one. I am talking about minutes here, people...not miles! Ha, I wish! I will get there one day....

I am working out with my personal trainer 2x a week. Tuesday or Wednesday mornings at 5AM and Saturday's at 8AM. People, this means I am in the gym no later than 4:25 in the morning doing my cardio and small exercises before my training session begins. Dedication, I tell you! I need a prize for this. Oh wait, my prize (hopefully) will be looking AMAZING in my wedding dress. Some days that is the only thought that gets me outta bed at 4AM to be honest with all of you.

On a completely random note... I got my belly button pierced as a Senior in high school and up until 2 mornings ago, I still had it in! Not like anyone ever saw it, it just became a part of me. Well, I took it out two mornings ago and ever since then I feel like my stomach looks weird. I think I need to put it back in. LOL... I will have to revisit taking it out one day though. Most likely when I get pregnant... because who wants to see a big bulging belly with a jewel in it?? Classy! ;) That's only if my belly button doesn't pop out. Oh, the horror! ;)

Anyhoo - just a random post to keep everyone up to date!



Yup, in 177 days 16 hours and 22 minutes I plan on running 13.1 miles. That's a half marathon, people!!

If you had been wondering where I went off to, I kinda fell off the bandwagon for about 4 weeks. No running. Just being plain lazy, I suppose.

Well people, I came to the realization a few weeks ago that I plan on fitting into a beautiful wedding gown in 107 days. That got my heart pumping again. No more laziness for this girl! I have signed up for 32 sessions with my old trainer at 24 hour fitness and I work with him 2x a week.

Tuesday or Wednesday mornings at 5AM (TOLD YOU I WAS SERIOUS!!!) and Saturday at 8AM. I will be doing some major calorie counting for a bit to drop the extra few pounds of body fat I could stand to use. Then gain in all back in lean body muscle! Not that I want to look like SheHulk or anything, just nice and toned.

As if planning a wedding, working, cleaning house, counting calories and weight training wasn't enough, I added a half marathon to the list in January 2010. GREAT!! Mind you, I've never probably run over 3.5 miles since High School!! This should be interesting.

I PLAN (keyword) on keeping this updated a bit more. It should be rather comical to see how well I handle all this.

Wish me luck!!


He works hard for his money...

I am still desperately trying to get used to Andrew's new work schedule. Nights. He could get home anywhere between the hours of 3:15 AM to 6:15 AM. I wish it were more of a set schedule, because honestly, sometimes I get a little frantic if I wake up at 5 AM and he's not home!!

I guess I should just feel blessed he has a job, right? I do, in all actuality.... just hard to make the adjustments.

Pointless entry... but I feel better after typing that. LOL

Who knows!!


Rough spot

So, I finally hit my rough spot. I guess it couldn't ALWAYS be easy and fun, right?? Yup.

I hit a few days (5) where I didn't run and I preferred it that way. I had spent so much time and effort running, planning my runs, thinking about it, preparing for it that it became more of a chore than something I was enjoying. Yuck.

So, I took the days off. I tried not to make myself feel bad about it. Some days it worked, some days it didn't.

I had a few fun, carefree days.

Then today hit.

I wanted to run again. So what did I do? I got home from work, turned on the sprinklers and took off. I didn't wear my iPod shuffle... I felt like I just needed some time to pound the pavement with my own thoughts and the sounds of nature.

It was nice. Actually, I ran for 30 minutes today. Sure, my pace slowed waaaayyyy down, but it didn't matter. What matters is that I was out there because I wanted to be.

I'm not gonna lie... I felt pretty awesome running for 30 minutes, though. LOL!!

I dunno what I will feel like tomorrow, but today was nice.



Silly shows

There are some silly shows that can keep me up. For example, Andrew and I are still up watching Purina's Incredible Dog Challenge. Haha! Oh well, tomorrow is Friday, right? :)

Well, I got home and honestly, after my bad run on Tuesday, which I didn't blog about, running was the last thing I wanted to do. But you know what I did? I put on all my gear and got out the door and that was the hardest part. My horrible Tuesday run was followed by an awesome run this evening. I ran 29 full minutes (30 seconds longer than my longest to date) and ran a 9:30 min/mile pace the whole time. I like this. That means I am definitely increasing my stamina since I didn't slow down at the end. Hooray!!

I feel bad, it's late and I really don't want to shower right now and I am STINKY. Do you think Andrew will mind?? ;) Poor future hubby!!

In other news, Ang held a auction today to benefit the Canadian Cancer society and she raised an incredible amount of money. Go Ang!!! Everyone wish her well in her first 10k this weekend.... I know she'll do great! Did I mention I won one of the bids? ;) Hooray!!

Well, I really should try to get some rest.

Night everyone!!