28 Things...

28 Things to do before I turn 28!
1. Go on a 1 year anniversary trip
2. Blog fairly consistently for one year
3. Sell jewelry at a craft show
4. Move to a better school district
5. Get Lasik Surgery
6. Pay off 50% of debt
7. Run TWO half marathons
8. Get my license to be a personal trainer
9. Sky Dive!
10. Completely organize my house
11. Attend a Beth Moore conference
12. Attend a wine/cooking class
13. Complete a scrapbook of our wedding and honeymoon
14. Open and start contributing to a college savings account for our future children
15. Learn to drive a standard
16. Learn to plan and shop for a months worth of meals
17. Have new couches
18. Do an MS-150
19. Sit down with my Grandpa and talk to him about his life and chronicle it in some way for the whole family
20. Go to wine country
21. Go camping for a week
22. Take a class on my Digital SLR camera
23. Take home improvement classes at Home Depot
24. Get a facial
25. Road Trip with Andrew
26. Talk about, be trying to get or be pregnant
27. Win the lottery :)
28. Have quiet time with God every day by myself and with Andrew