Getting back into the groove

Hello all!

I have been slowly getting back into the groove of real exercise! I have been watching what I am putting into my mouth and making sure I keep moving all day. Burn those calories!! :)

I am still doing the whole run/walking thing. The other day I ran 2, walked one, ran 2, walked one, ran 4, walked one and then ran 4.5, walked one. I am talking about minutes here, people...not miles! Ha, I wish! I will get there one day....

I am working out with my personal trainer 2x a week. Tuesday or Wednesday mornings at 5AM and Saturday's at 8AM. People, this means I am in the gym no later than 4:25 in the morning doing my cardio and small exercises before my training session begins. Dedication, I tell you! I need a prize for this. Oh wait, my prize (hopefully) will be looking AMAZING in my wedding dress. Some days that is the only thought that gets me outta bed at 4AM to be honest with all of you.

On a completely random note... I got my belly button pierced as a Senior in high school and up until 2 mornings ago, I still had it in! Not like anyone ever saw it, it just became a part of me. Well, I took it out two mornings ago and ever since then I feel like my stomach looks weird. I think I need to put it back in. LOL... I will have to revisit taking it out one day though. Most likely when I get pregnant... because who wants to see a big bulging belly with a jewel in it?? Classy! ;) That's only if my belly button doesn't pop out. Oh, the horror! ;)

Anyhoo - just a random post to keep everyone up to date!