Here's what I have to say about that!

I've been wanting to write this post for quite a while but needed to make sure it didn't come out too "nasty" or "rude".

This is about my struggle with healthy eating, but I am sure there are a lot of people out there who feel just like me or similarly.

Why is it so hard to eat healthy these days? Why are we scrutinized about it?

It's so upsetting to be someone who is trying to change the way I eat and be surrounded by so many people who don't support a healthy lifestyle. You make small, simple changes in your diet (i.e. olive oil instead of butter) and all of a sudden you have an "eating disorder". You read the food nutrition labels at the grocery store and you're "obsessed with food."

Apparently these people cannot appreciate a healthy lifestyle.

Why do things like keep bad food around the house? You know you'll eat it if it's available! But, just because you have the willpower to NOT stock your pantry or fridge with these "unhealthy" foods, you've "gone too far".


I've gone too far because I want to properly fuel my body? You know what? I exercise. Fueling my body is imperative to ward off injury and illness.

Just because I am a "Food Nazi" when YOU see me eat, doesn't mean I am never going to have ice cream, cake, chocolate, etc. It's all about balance and if I've eaten healthy all week and exercised regularly, I deserve a treat!! I don't need a treat every day though. My nutrients are much better off coming from vegetables, NOT a candy bar.

I am going to continue to practice a healthy lifestyle. My body likes and deserves it. It works hard all day.

In fact, I am going buy myself a pretty lunch box to support all my nutritious food. I am going to smile at the waitress or waiter when I order double veggies instead of fries and I will tip extra when I ask for more veggies on my veggie sandwich.

I am going to keep fueling my body the way it should be and my body will thank me for it!


Bree said...

RIGHT on. Just act surprised, even SHOCKED lol, when they don't treat their bodies with the same dignity. :-)