Is anyone out there?

Okay, I have made the decision to start my own blog. Again, I know. I was doing a blog with my sis-in-law and found that I blogged rather consistently, so maybe I can try this on my own! Kudos to her for wanting to use the blog to feel accountable for what she has decided to embark on. I just feel like my posts might get lost somewhere in there???

Anyways, I am really excited about this. I probably won't blog every day, but I was doing it at least every other day or so on the other one, so who knows!

I am getting married to my FH (future husband) on 11-7-09. I have always been athletic and enjoyed being outdoors. It's been a while since I have been part of an organized sport and I need to get back into shape. :)

This blog is mostly about me discovering a new love for exercise and all the ways I can accomplish this. Running, biking, walking, hiking, etc.! I cannot wait for this new journey!

I hope some of the people who were following me before will continue to follow me here! Also, please root for my sis-in-law who is doing a totally body overhaul!! :)