"Why the hell not??" :)

Now that we have food in the house :) I was able to get back down to business.

I signed up for a 5k on Saturday morning, so I really just wanted to get out there this evening and run. I didn't wear my fancy shmancy Garmin, just a digital watch. I pressed "Start" on it and went about my business. Run Run Run.....

I ran for 14 minutes at one time today. That is the longest so far. I started off run 1, walk 1 and have moved my way up from there. I am proud of myself. Feeling pretty good when I am out there killin' the pavement.

Still icing my ankles/feet when I get home and taking my L-Glutamine....my feet are starting to bother me, but let's hope that is just because I am increasing my running time and it's natural!!

I got an unexpected bonus at work the other day. I had every intention of putting it all in the bank, but sometimes money just burns a hole in my dang pocket. I only spent a small portion of it.
Yay!! I am an avid reader, so I figured, "Why the hell not??"

I cannot wait to get it... it is supposed to be shipped tomorrow.

Full review in another entry!! Be on the lookout!! =)